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10:08 AM

How to get your banned domains unbanned from Adsense

Posted by jessica.celion

In Google Adsense, not only your Adsense account is vulnerable to be banned, but so as your domains/websites. After inputting so much effort to build a nice website, drive traffic to and enjoy the great revenue generated with it, how would you feel if you suddenly receive an email saying that your site has been disabled for serving the Adsense ads? It's a nightmare, right?

In that case, no matter how many Adsense codes you have put to your website, there will be still no Adsense ads displayed, even though your Adsense account still remains active. I'm sure many of you has experienced this before.

I have figured out a solution that has proved to work, and get unbanned by Google Adsense. Below are the little tips:

  1. Change "whois" info of the domain that is banned from AdSense with some new info.

  2. Send a mail saying you're the new owner of the site (make sure you send this from the e-mail address given in the new whois info of the domain) and that you were unaware the domain was banned from AdSense and kindly request it to be unbanned. They'll do it. Make sure there is no TOS violation on the site before you send this e-mail though.

There are many publishers who tested this method and proved to be possible. So, go ahead and earn the great revenue again from those banned sites now.