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Suppose you set up a website to promote your business and expand it from the limitation of your local area to the world wide market, definitely you will expect more and more visitors to go through your website. Obviously if there are more and more visitors coming to your site, the chances of your getting customers go up. This is called the conversion rate of your site. Increasing the conversion rate is the sole aim of the business owners or the marketers.

On an average the ecommerce sites drag conversion rate of 2-8%. Even if you look into the sites with the best-targeted keywords and rich contents they hardly pull approximately 15-20% of the web traffic. This must be giving you a strong feel to turn the single digit percentage to a double digit figure. There are quite a number of tricks that can boost the conversion rate. Moreover the number of professionals who help you increase the conversion rate, are gradually increasing. First of all you need to get some seasoned web analytics to work on your site traffic.

There is little information about the traffic that you need to track on a regular basis. They are-the number of visitors who come to your site, how many of those visitors leave the site instantly and the most crucial information is that how many of them turn into a customer. The analytics help you do these important research work and the results are used to upgrade your site. If the analysis does not show positive results then you should seek professional help to improve the advertising and marketing strategy for your site. But keep this in your mind that information tracking is not something that you need to do once and then be tension-free for the rest of your life. This is something that you need to do continuously in order to upgrade your site and modify the products according to the preference of the consumers.

The first thing that you can do about this is to add a box or a place on each and every page of your site so that the visitors and consumers can write their own opinion and rate your products. This will not only help you find the popularity of the products but also make them express their opinion before they get tired of going through the entire website. The other essential aspect that can make your site a user-friendly one is its being easily navigable.

The visitors should get the option to jump into the pages where they want to be and browse the products easily. And if there are pages that are getting the lowest ranking and hence fewer visitors because of some unknown reasons then just check the inbound and outbound links they contain. A conscious effort about this can increase the number. Keep a watch on the contents of the site because this is quite important for the page ranking which is required so that the consumers find the site easily on the web.

The site has to be easily accessible by all the users so via the Microsoft windows, Windows XP and Internet explorer. Bookmarking and e-tailing will surely give the conversion rate a substantial boost. If you feel that your business is the only one facing sheer competition, then you are wrong because it is common for all the industries including the service providers and the other industries. As there are uncountable online shops coming up now-a-days, the competition is growing tougher. So keep your site equipped with all the tools so that you never loose to your contenders.
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Its no doubt that the tips mentioned are effective. I used few of these points and they worked really well for my website. I am thankful to you for all these great points.
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