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9:06 AM
Posted by jessica.celion

Google page rank(pr) is one of the foremost indicators about the popularity of a blog, website or a single web page. In fact, many advertisers or ad networks use the PR as the primary criterion along with traffic ranks to accept or reject publisher or blogger accounts while signing up. Due to the same reason, bloggers usually go gaga over the same in an attempt to maintain or increase their blogs’ PR status.

How many backlinks will it take?
It is a known fact that more backlinks from high PR pages will eventually result in an increase of your blog’s PR. But how many backlinks will it take for a blog to receive a particular Page Rank? The following table will give you some idea.

The table below essentially have the public PR numbered from 1 to 10 along X and Y axes. The Y axis shows the page rank that you desire for and the X axis shows the number of backlinks it will take from pages with a particular PR (column header) in order to obtain your desired PR. For example, for your blog to receive a page rank of 5, you need just three backlinks from pages of PR 6 or have 101 backlinks from pages with PR 3 instead.

The above formula also explains the monetizing power of a high PR blog. Other than the advertisers, you can actually sell links from your high PR blogs to those bloggers who want to obtain similar PRs easily. In fact, I had written about the monetizing potential of the blogroll a few posts ago.

Other Page Rank facts

- The public page rank of web pages, as published by Google three to four times a year, is a number ranging from 0 and 10. But internally Google uses a value that is calculated on a real time basis to rank the search results and this real page rank is not an integer between 0 and 10.

- As the public page rank is updated only once in a while, your current page rank is not necessarily an indication of your exact search ranking at a given point of time.
A lot of people tend to worry about the page rank of their home page (main URL) alone. In order to get the best search ranking for your content, you need to also have good PR for your other pages as well. The internal linking of your pages play an important role here.

- If you have very good content, SEO friendly page structure and some good keywords, even with a PR as low as zero, your pages should be getting figured in the Google search results pages.

- There could be several other aspects that are taken into consideration by Google to derive the final page rank.

- How important is Google PR for you and your blog? Please share your thoughts on the same here and please do not forget to bookmark this post, if found useful.

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