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If a large proportion of your traffic is returning visitors, you may have noticed a decreasing CTR (Click Through Rate) over time. Although your ads may be blended and well placed, your repeat visitors can still become blind to your ads. This might not be because your ads look like ads but because the repeat visitors have previously seen the ads and choose to ignore them.

To combat this learned ad blindness, Google provides us with the option to rotate colour palettes. What we will be making is something like this:
What we are going to do is find four completely different colour schemes, make them in to adsense colour palettes then make our adsense rotate between the four colour schemes.

Lets start be choosing four colour schemes, they should all be bright and completely different so people will notice them. If you are having trouble coming up with four colour schemes, you can find some at or The four colour schemes I have chosen are green, blue, brown and purple as you can see in the image above.

Now that you've chosen some colour schemes, log in to your adsense account and go to 'AdSense Setup' then 'Color Palettes' which is just beneath the 'AdSense Setup' tab. Choose the colour of your Border, Title, Background, Text and URL. If your ad unit looks ok, give it a name under 'Save as new palette' and then click the button 'Save palette'. Do the same again for your other three colour schemes. Your dropdown box should now have four custom palettes similar to the following image:

Now that we have our four palettes set up, making our adsense rotate colour schemes is very easy. Go to AdSense Setup >> AdSense for Content >> Single Page then make an Ad unit with whatever dimensions you like. In the colours dropdown, select 'Use multiple palettes...' and finally hold down control and click on your four custom palettes. You should see four different ad units to the left similar to the example I showed you earlier.

Now your adsense is ready to display on your website, just copy the code provided to you by google and place it on your website. I hope you see an increased CTR from this useful concept.

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