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10:02 AM

How do i get in first page of Google ????

Posted by jessica.celion

Coolest and Hottest Stuff is my one of the blogs and I've started it just 3/4 months before.Now i'm in first page of Google Search Engine as you see in the picture above.After a months you'll also see this blog in first page og Google.....

No, SEO isn’t that hard really. All you have to do is know the basics and treat Google like a 3 year old boy looking for the cookie jar in a big kitchen.

Larry page once said:

Basically, our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.

That’s what the little boy wants then what do you do? You FEED it to him – Easily.

Just imagine beating your competitor with thousands of backlinks and you with let’s say a hundred or two. Just check out how this blog with 30 backlinks overtook Bidvertiser with over 3,000,000! Yes, those are 6 zeros.

I hope I got you excited (But not too excited that you peed). Here are the 7 Golden SEO tricks that will surely beat the hell out of your competition:

1. Proper Placement and Use of Header Tags

Take a look at the source code of my blog. You’ll see that only few lines after the body tag, the h1 tag is placed with the keywords I wanted to optimize. It gives Google an early decision of what this blog is about.

Also, using of too many header tags or too many words in a single header tag may raise the flag to Google. Limit your use of the same tag in one page. Try to vary it from h1 to h6.

2. Domain Canonicalization

I know. It’s complicated, hard to pronounce and spell.

People think URLS like and are all the same, but search engines don’t. You can actually make two different sites from those.

What you should do is canonicalize them. Choose one and leave the other so that Google won’t go nuts on what site to rank (Remember, he’s a 3 year old) and what site to give credit for the backlinks each has got.

Here’s how you can canonicalize your domain. Add this to your .htaccess or use this plugin if you’re on Wordpress.

3. Reduce Duplicate Content within Your Site

Wordpress creates duplicate content like a maniac. There are dupes in the trackbacks, feeds, categories, monthly archives and more.

When Google finds a site with duplicate content, they throw it in their trash bin called “The Supplemental Index” Where all less trusted articles are placed.

I guess you know that Google hates (Very much) duplicate content, so what if your site has a lot of pages under the supplemental index? There icouldi be a possibility that some of your pages would rank down than what it ranks normally.

A quick solution to this is by placing a robots.txt file in your site to block search engines from indexing trackbacks, feeds, categories, archives where duplicate content lies.

4. Permalinks

What most people always forget when optimizing their site for search engines is their post permalinks. Most sites have numbered permalinks (e.g. /?p=123 or /002429.html) That obviously search engines won’t understand. Permalinks can be used to put it keywords about your post title. Convert those numbered permalinks into /post-title

Use dashes, they’re the best. Underscores are the next best. No space is worst – Matt Cutts.

5. Relevancy of Title And Meta Tags

Google got smarter, smarter to understand the difference of homonyms. Google now understands what you’re talking about.

He knows LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing.

Would you title a page “Dogs” if mostly you’re talking about cats? Of course not, it’s actually obvious. It’s harder to game Google now, so use the most relevant title and meta keywords to what your blog is talking about.

6. Keyword Density

Although yes, Google knows LSI, they still like the old fashion way of ranking pages by counting its density. BUT not too much… again, Google just got smarter.

Personally, I would allow 2-4% of the content to be the keywords.

7. The Right Way to Interlink Pages

When more and more content is added to your site, there will be times when you’ll be mentioning some of the topics you have covered before. A link from your own domain still counts as a backlink. Although it doesn’t count as much as from another site, it will surely help.

Of course, you can pump out the power of interlinking by using it with something more powerful – Anchor texts. Because what I have observed from other blogs when they interlink their posts is they use anchor texts like “The dog ate the cat (read it here)” You can change it by placing an anchor text like “Read how the dog ate the cat”


Don’t be afraid of trying things. Don’t be dumb enough to try it in your bread and butter either. Experiment, study then experiment again.

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