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Firstly I wanna say that target High Paying keywrods Like mortgage,credit card,debt consolidation,etc.

When I first began using AdSense on my Websites I was lucky to make $5 for every 100 visitors. The content was good, the website was put together well and the ads were even positioned in spots that were known to convert well.

What was I doing wrong? I was targeting the wrong markets! People spend a great deal of money in some niches, a little in others and none in a few, so it's very important to know what kind of money is spend in any given niche before you decide to target it!

For instance, the mortgage niche is known to be an extremely high paying niche. The Credit Card, Acne and Debt Consolidation niches are all high paying niches as well. But, most travel related niches etc. are known to be very low paying niches.

So a travel related site monetized with Google AdSense will generally bring in far less income than a credit card site, which is also monetized with Google AdSense.

Which would you rather have, 100 clicks worth 10 cents each or 100 clicks worth $1.00 or more each? Choosing the right niche can literally mean the difference between 1 dollar and 100 dollars!

This whole concept seems like common sense, but so many people fail to realize it's importance... I was one for a very long time.

Once I realized the significance of targeting high-paying keywords, it didn't take long at all for my AdSense income to increase significantly!

So, start off with a profitable niche, do some good keyword research to find some long-tail keyword phrases which have some search volume, but little to no competition, submit some articles and rinse and repeat!

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