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9:10 AM

Top 10 Google Adsense Secrets

Posted by jessica.celion

Top 10 Google adsense secrets :

Adsense Secret # 1
: Coalesce Google Ads with your Web Page

Let the border of the advertisements on your site coincide with the background color of your webpage. Let the text, title and urls in the Google Ads have the same font color as that of the font color of the contents in your web page. Ensure that you do everything possible to make the Google ads conflate with your website content.

Though it is tough to match the font size for the content of your web site with that of the advertisements, try to have the same font size to the maximum extent possible.

• Adsense Secret # 2:
Make use of Images

This is one of the unique Adsense secret which is really valuable. Put up images pertaining to the theme of your web page around the ads appearing on your web site. This not only helps in integrating the content of your web page with the Google advertisements but also increases your Click Through Rate (CTR).
• Adsense Secret # 3:
Place Ads at the top of your page

Putting up the ads on the top of your web page is the most treasured Adsense secret. And beware of the fact that the higher the order of the advertisement, the more is the income it would generate for every click.

• Adsense Secret # 4: CTR is Account Dependent

In case if you have multiple websites and if one website had a CTR of 15% and another has a CTR of .03%, the first thing you will have to do is to remove the webpage that has the CTR of.03% for this website may bring down your account's average CTR. This proves to be one of the imperceptible Adsense secrets.

• Adsense Secret # 5:
Use Unique size for Google Ads

Yet another adsense secret is to make use of dimensions like 160*600 or 336*280 for the advertisements. Viewers tend to click on them thinking that the ad is a part of the web page.

• Adsense Secret # 6: Automate Google Ad Insertion using SSI
Automate the insertion of Google advertisements by writing scripts and inserting using SSI with the assistance of your server administrator. In the long run, this would save your time and efforts spent in the integration of Google ads with your web page.

• Adsense Secret # 7:
Update and Maintain germane links

Update and maintain the sites that are faring well. While placing your ads in sites that are faring well, place them on top of all the existing ads so that the viewer who comes in would be able to see your ads first.

• Adsense Secret # 8:
Add Fresh Content as often as you can

The higher the frequency of articles posted in your site, the more the traffic it drives to your web page and the higher is your page ranking.

• Adsense Secret # 9: Get to know keywords that are highly utilized and make use of them

Making the maximum use of the widely used keywords in your site is one of the unsung adsense secrets known.

• Adsense Secret # 10: Use customized layouts for Google Ads

Rectangle and skyscraper layout fare better than the other layouts and ensure that the dimensions are such that they merge well with the web content.

With the Adsense secrets revealed above, I am sure you can climb the ladder of Google Page Ranking with ease. Try and enjoy the benefits with these Adsense secrets!

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