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11:04 AM


Posted by jessica.celion

Making money online is the hot trend nowadays. In coming days I am sure you will see many working professional quit their day job and seat at home in their pajamas writing some blog posts to make their living.

There are tremendous opportunities to make money online. Currently Google Adsense is the best option for most of the publishers. Some basic optimization tips can double your Adsense revenue. Two sites having same traffic can have huge adsense revenue difference depending on the ad optimization.

Follow these simple Adsense optimization tips. Experiment for at least two weeks to see the results. Believe me I am not exaggerating because I am experimenting with Adsense on my different sites since long time and these are nothing but some practical and ethical tips to increase your Adsense revenue.

This is hard core material about increasing the Adsense revenue and not possible for anyone to double the income just overnight. I am not promoting or supporting any tricks to fool Adsense code.

Before beginning the tips story let’s have some Google policy recap:
According to Adsense policy don’t do these things:
1) Do not click on your own Adsense ads by any way.
2) Do not increase Adsense ad impressions with some automating tools.
3) Don’t ask others to click on your ads.
4) Don’t alter the Adsense code other than fonts and colors.
5) Don’t put Adsnese code on adult or prohibited content.

Now you know the things that are against the Google Adsense policy.

Here are some simple and “any one can follow” tips to optimize Adsense ads:

1) Blend your ads effectively with your site theme. Match your Adsense colors with your site colors.

2) Do not use borders to your text ads. Ads without border and matching background with site background color always perform well over other ad units.

3) Have some Ad color themes that perform best with your site. At least 2-3 well performing ad color formats should be ok. Rotate your ad units with these color themes. This is just to avoid Ad blindness.

4) Use link units in your site. Link units near site navigation links can perform well. Other advantages of link units are - you don’t need too much Ad space on your site and link units are not annoying to users.

5) Use Google site-specific search box with Adsense. This is the best option other than content targeted ads. You have option to select ad location on your site search result page. Put Adsense ads at the top and bottom of search result page. The best location of Google search box is - top right corner of your site.

6) Place 250×250 size Ad unit at the top of every page or post. If you are using Wordpress hosting then 250×250 text or image ad option should perform best for every site. Don’t forget to align this ad unit at right or left side of the post content as shown in the image below.

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