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1:17 PM

Make more money from Adsense channel

Posted by jessica.celion

Do you want to give Adsense advertisers a better idea of the advertising space available on your blog and make more money at the same time?

Well that is the idea behind the new Ad Placement feature being offering as part of adsense channels (I posted in more detail on adsense channels in my post. (What are adsense channel?)

Adsense Ad Placements are an extension of the Adsense Channels concept. You can make your custom channels visible to advertisers along with a description, so that when the advertisers are searching for sites to place their ads, they can see your ad placement details. According to theadsense team, that means more competition for your prime advertising space and ultimately more money for you through the ad auction process.

To set up an ad placement, simply set up a new custom channel (or use an existing one) then check the Targeting checkbox. This will provide a number of extra fields which you can use to provide details about your advertising space.

You can specify:

  • the pages your ads appear on,
  • the location of the ads on each page, and
  • a description. It would be worthwhile putting some effort into the description as this is what will sell your ad space.

Hopefully, by knowing more about your website, an advertiser will be willing to pay more money ( more) to appear on your site.

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