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9:20 AM

5 Sexy ways to generate traffic

Posted by jessica.celion

Anyone with a website desires getting not just any kind of traffic, but targeted traffic. This is when the people visiting your site are the people who have interest in what your site has to offer. It's targeted traffic that usually leads to sales and sign-ups.

But you may wonder "just how do I get website traffic that's targeted?"

Here are some proven ways of getting website traffic - targeted of course.

1. You can learn search engine optimization. Most people go to the search engines when they search for some kind of information. It is a huge advantage to be ranked high with the major search engines. If you haven't already, get started on learning how to SEO your site.

2. Using viral marketing is a great way of getting website traffic (targeted) to your site. One way of doing so is by giving out freebies to your visitors. People usually gain interest in something when they see the word free. You can give away a free e-book or report branded with your website and/or business. Your visitors could tell other people about it and give it away, and thus your website brand will spread like a virus; hence the name.

3. Article marketing is a quality form of free advertising and getting website traffic that's targeted. People want their information to be short, sweet, and to the point. Articles are written this way, and website owners could take advantage of this. The goal is to write high-quality articles, with a link to your site in the resource box. Submit your articles to as many directories as you want, but don't forget to submit to the more popular ones or you'll miss out. Ezine publishers and other website owners are always in need of fresh content for their site, and they could republish your article, which includes your resource box and the link to your site. Your link popularity could increase exponentially this way.
4. Yet another way of generating targeted website traffic is ezine marketing. You can offer a newsletter that regularly provides your subscribers with helpful information about topics related to your site. Give tips and suggestions for your readers, and build a good relationship with them. They will have more trust in you, and come back to see more of your site.

5. Blogging and RSS feeds are another way to get website traffic that's targeted. Blogs are continuously updated with new information, so people enjoy reading them. You can syndicate your blog with RSS feeds and expand your reach through the internet. If people find your blog helpful or enjoyable they'll keep coming back to read what's new.

These aren't the only ways of getting targeted website traffic. There are many more out there for you to discover and explore.

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