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10:56 AM

Top Methods to Improve Google Adsense Earnings

Posted by jessica.celion

Once you have Google Adsense pay-per-click advertising network ad blocks on your site, there are some easy ways to increase your earnings. Of course, the best way to figure out what exactly works for you is trial and error. Google Adsense provides the opportunity to assign different channels to different websites or different ad block designs or positions.
But, if you don’t want to waste time trying out different Adsense ad block types, you can still improve your earnings by following these top methods.

One: Use Real Link Style Adsense Blocks

Google Adsense blocks that look like lists of genuine links often work better than the wide banners with small ad blocks. This is because the visitor to your website will mistake the Google ad block for just more links on your page. They will be more apt to click on them if they are unsure that they are advertisements. A good place to put these types of ads is directly following your vertical navigation bar.

Two: Use Colors that Blend With Your Website

Following the idea that you want the Google Adsense ads to blend in with your website, you should make the colors of the ad block match, or blend, with the colors on your site. It is a good idea, when using the text link method mentioned above, to simply make the outline white, or whatever background color your website has. Otherwise, you should create a custom color palette in the Google Adsense setup.

Some say that you should make your Google Adsense ads stand out by making them in bright colors that do not match your website. The idea is that you will draw visitor’s attention to them and they will click on them more readily. In personal experience and most written reports, that is simply not backed up.

Three: Place Ads “Above the Fold”
Above the fold is a descriptive phrase that comes from the newspaper industry. Think of a large newspaper. It is folded horizontally in the middle with the top headlines on the top of the page - above the fold. Just like newspaper companies put the top stories above the fold of the paper, website owners should put the most important information on their website on the portion of the site that can be seen without scrolling. Putting Google Adsense ad blocks above the fold, or on the visible portion of the website, will increase your click throughs.

With these three top methods, you will improve your Google Adsense earnings quickly. The basic idea behind these top methods is making the Google Adsense ad blocks entice the visitors to click on them.

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