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12:45 PM

$500 per month from Adsense

Posted by jessica.celion

If you are an active member of Adsense Help Forum, I am sure you must read a post that talk about how to make $500 a month from Adsense. A member called adsenseriches shares with us about his techniques of doing so. Below is his sharing:

There are lots of people making more than $500 a month. I am one of them...
So, how is this done?
I use the wash-rinse-repeat method:

1) Wash:
a) Keyword research (tip: don't go after the high paying keywords, those are virtually impossible to get good rankings for)
b) Decide on a suitable domain name, based on the keyword(s). It's often a complete phrase, since it has less competition and it's also easier to find an available domain.
c) Create Content
d) Upload to your host.

2) Rinse:
Tell the world about your site, using various linking strategies...
a) I have already made a post about Tag & Ping on another forum.
b) You can submit your site to many directories as well.
c) Use some of your content as posts to n article directories, with a backlink in your signature)
d) Participate in forums related to your keyword/niche

Do it all over again, using a new keyword/niche.

Tips to achieve such goal:
Once you got your earnings coming, use those to fund your growth. Find a cheap domain name registrar - less than $10/per year for a .com is acceptable:

Get lots of hosting accounts in order to get the sites on different IP addresses:

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