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8:17 AM

Firefox Traffic Generating Trick

Posted by jessica.celion

Here’s a little trick that you can use if you are a webmaster in need of some traffic to your website. It involves using the Firefox browser (which, if you are a webmaster, you should be using anyway).

Just follow the instructions below and you should begin getting some hits to your website or blog within 24 hours.

Before you begin, you will need to download and install three items to do this traffic generating technique. I have included links to get these files so that you can begin immediately.

1. First and foremost, you need to download the Firefox browser. If you haven’t already, then do so, because it is a far better browser with much more functionality than the other browsers. You can download it free here:

2. Next, you need to install the Greasemonkey Firefox plugin. You can get it here:

3. Finally, pick up this little JavaScript file called Topic Poster. You can find it here:

Follow the instructions for installing FireFox and the Greasemonkey plugin. I won’t go into detail on installing them, because it’s pretty easy and self explanatory.

Now after installing Firefox and Greasemonkey, let’s set them aside and go sign up at This will be where you will get the traffic. Orkut is a popular social networking site owned by Google.It is similar to Facebook and MySpace, but it is more popular for countries outside of the USA. There are still many members from the USA and UK, but most of the members are from India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe, etc.

Alright, so go to Orkut, register your account. You may already have an account through Gmail or Google.

Once logged into Orkut, begin joining communities. Join 50 popular communities based on the niche of your website. Don’t join anymore than 50 or the script might not work well after this.

Be sure to only join communities that do not require you to get authorized. This technique only works after you have already joined the community. If you run these scripts while still waiting to get authorized, then the script will lock up and not work.

After you have joined your communities, it’s time to install your Topic Poster script. Open up your favorite text editor for editing JavaScript and change the following variables in the file:

var subject = “”

In between the quotes in that variable, delete whatever is between those quotes already and post the topic heading for your post. It can be your website’s name…or any other headline that will grab a member’s attention.

The next variable to edit below that is:

var msg = “”

In this variable, you add the content of your post between the quotes…such as “Here’s a great way to lose weight, blah blah blah. Goto”.

URL addresses are active links on Orkut, so that is where you will be getting the traffic to your site.

When you are done adding the content of your post in those variables, be sure to save it and close your text editor.

1. Now go back into Firefox and open your Orkut account.

2. Goto Tools > Greasemonkey from the Firefox menu and make sure that “Enabled” is checked.

3. Goto Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts… from your Firefox menu. This will open a new pop-up window. Click the “Add” button under “Included Pages”. Another pop-up will appear with the Orkut URL and an astrick on the end. Confirm all the pop-ups, by clicking OK and Close until you return to the Orkut account screen again.

4. Now Click File > Open File from the Firefox menu. Browse for the Topic Poster JavaScript file that you previously edited the variables for and open it in Firefox.

5. A pop-up will appear. After the install timer is done, click the Install button.

6. Now click on the “Communities” tab form your Orkut account.

This will automatically kick in the TopicPoster script you installed. The script will automatically post to every one of your communities that you joined. It will only pause for those communities that require you to enter a CAPTCHA code. When this happens, enter the CAPTCHA code, hit enter, and the script will resume.

When the script finishes, you will get a pop-up that says “Posted to all communities”. Now goto Tools > Greasemonkey and disable the script.

You should now have your post with your active link posted into the forum of all the communities you joined. Now just wait and within 24 hours, you will get traffic. Do this everyday with a new link to a page on your website or blog and you can get 1000’s of unique visitors a day.

So that’s the trick. Use it responsibly… and that means don’t spam with it. Just post to communities that are related to your website niche and keep the posts on topic with the forum. That way, you won’t get banned by the communites for posting spammy crap.

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