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11:54 AM

Useful tool to Drive traffic to your site

Posted by jessica.celion

After mentioning about the six most important factors in driving factors, here comes to a useful tool in the internet that is often omitted by most webmasters. When it comes to making money on the internet, getting high volumes of traffic is the key. As web site traffic goes up, so too does click through revenue, since click through rates tend to be somewhat consistent. If we can assume that 5% of web site visitors (that is a pretty normal CTR indeed) will click your AdSense ads, the site that gets 500 unique visitors per day can expect to make five times the amount of money as the site with a mere 100 unique visitors. It is easy to see therefore why so much focus goes into boosting web site traffic, and why a veritable cottage industry has sprung up to help webmasters drive targeted traffic to their sites.

There are of course many different strategies for driving this targeted traffic to a web site, but one of the most unique and most effective is the use of newsletters. A well written and useful newsletter can be a great way to drive traffic and capture new visitors. In addition, the mailing list for the newsletter can provide valuable leads for your advertisers and owners of linked web sites.
And while you will not be able to send your AdSense ads directly to the mailboxes of your subscribers (this is definitely against Google's TOS), you will be able to use the newsletters you create to drive repeat visitors back to your website. After all, if the readers of your newsletter find your newsletter content attractive and interesting, they are likely to visit your website in search of more useful information. When they do, these visitors will see your AdSense hosted ads, and they may be more likely to click them due to their familiarity with your products and your style.

This brings up another great feature of newsletters - what we may call the expert factor. If your newsletter readers come to look upon you as an expert in your field, whether that field is finance or car repair, they will be more willing to take a chance on the ads they see on your site. This expert status can greatly increase click through rates, and this can in turn provide higher streams of revenue from the same number of web site visitors.

A well written newsletter is also a great asset to provide people who sign up for your mailing list. A large mailing list can be a huge asset to the owner of any web site, and can provide leads for affiliates and advertisers alike. Providing a free newsletter can be a great way to get visitors to your site and have them see your ads.

The content for a newsletter can come from virtually anywhere. It depends on your preference and area of your expertise. It ranges from article directories and prewritten articles to content you provide yourself or even form public domain sources. The important thing is that the content provided in the newsletter be useful and compelling enough to get the visitors to click through to your web site and your AdSense advertisers.

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