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12:38 PM

Adsense says - Make ad changes without replacing code

Posted by jessica.celion

Just got a news letter from Google Adsense which says a better ad management feature is going to roll up within few weeks. What’s new about it ? You would be able to change the settings, colors ,channels etc without replacing your old code. This sounds like a great feature to me as this will simplify the process of optimizing the Adsense unit. So if I would like to change any of these settings in the future, all you do is make the update within my account - For instance, you can quickly change the borders of all your 300×250 medium rectangles from red to blue with just a few mouse clicks.
Its supposed to come under Adsense Setup Tab.My View
It seems like Adsense has now started taking steps towards Managing Ads better. I heard around in April they might come up with some security feature which can automatically defend against fraud clicks. If that’s the case we will be soon seeing Happy Adsense Publishers. One more point. I am guessing that with this new feature the code under script which controls color and channels might be removed or will be linked to this management system. Now if people who are used to create dynamic script wont be able to take advantage of it.

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